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drop hits

actually tho, here's a few ideas:

(dm to set up a time to chat more about any of these):

1. MAiWORLD MEMORiES - Content created and minted from the $MAI holders and community. Created/minted from a community curated contract "MAiWORLD MEMORiES", this is co-owned, co-created content w/ the music or content from MAiWORLD.(more soon, i am currently looking for dev(s) and/or the right platform (dm me on discord/twitter)

2. MAiWORLD (the game) - an original Gameboy game based off the storyline of the music.   Each album is a WORLD. Each song is a level. The new game has just been started.  When next launched, WORLD 1 will be recreated and completed, as well as WORLD 2 and any other song's that are released before WORLD 2.  Holders will have access to extra features and assets in the game.  (more coming soon)


p.s. The original Gameboy game that is attached to the gold Gameboy carts you all have is officially ONLY able to be played via the game cartridge.  This means that shit mega rare.  game is pretty mid, but legendary.  lots of small details that matter to MAiWORLD.


3.  Collective creation and remixing with artists/producers with instrumentals/stems and beats from MAiWORLD.

ex: collector of 1/1 helps curate remixes of the track they own with other artists/producers. I would provide the stems and that artist/producer would remix and we would create editions of that remixes spliting the track with that artist/producer.  All minted on an officially MAiWORLD Remix editions contract.

more soon, definitely forgetting something

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